Friday, 28 May 2010


To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Why tweet when you can blog?

Anyone who recently took a look at my tweet account will have noticed that my last tweet was well.. I don’t know when but let’s just say I’m not exactly the world’s greatest tweeter. The truth is I have too much to say and quite honestly I only really enjoy putting finger to pad when I have something I feel worthy of proof reading. Do you think tweeting falls into this bracket?

So this makes me an Anti Tweeter.. in fact I’m going to tweet about being an Anti Tweeter.. perhaps I should start a movement. Perhaps it’ll catch on..

But lets put it to you those of you that are my blog fans. Here are some of my tweet thoughts that I didn’t quite get around to tweeting… ok…

Monday 18th May – Just did a rehearsal with the LBO – I’m so hyped about my next gig at Ronnies. It’s sold out how exciting!

Monday 18th May – I just came back from radio 4’s womens hour. The green room however was filled with so many highbrows in deep conversation around the table that I was scared to go into the breakfast area and take a plum!

Sunday !6th may – Just came back from a gig at Ronnie Scotss – performed keep on Looking with Roachford. Was great fun!

Sunday 16th May – I just aget the most delicious parma ham and cheese and drank beatufiul red wine!

Sunday 16th May – I just played the harp at David Walliams wedding. Lara his new wife looked beautiful and there was an array of stars there..

General Election day - For the first time in ages I feel optimistic about the politics of this country. The ideology of the Lib dems mixed with the pragmatism of the Blues could be a good combination. Nothing like a healthy bit of tension to get things going!

Ok on second thoughts my potential tweets aren’t that bad at all and profoundly more interesting than other mundane daily habituals,, however lets face I’m trying hard here to impress, after all this my blog and not my tweet, Plus I’ve had a busy couple of days. But lets take a glimpse at how my tweet could look on a non busy day…

A day, any day, does it even matter? - I just had a cup of tea?

A time, any time on any day – I just got a bloody parking ticket!

A moment, any moment and… - I just read music week and saw that the LBO are charing the preorders at number 7 on amazon. This made me smile!

A late night tweet – God, I’m tired I’ve been working hard today

An essential groundbreaking tweet – I’m in a lift coming out of notting hill tube station

Another life changing tweet – I just ate chocolate!

A tweet you can’t live without that will reveal all about who I am and what I’m up to – today I bought a goldfish

Ok,, so there it is – life changing, groundbreaking, shattering, time altering tweets and insights into me – did the earth move for you?

So it turns out that my stance on this Anti – Tweet unfashionable move is because I thought I didn’t consider my every day daily mundane activities and passing 27 lettered comments that interesting. Perhaps this could be put down to my modesty or sense of self deprecating ego… but the truth is that as I’m writing this blog my sense of self worth and ego are inflating and in fact I’m now developing a huge new interest in ,, yes you guessed it, myself!

Could I actually through my Anti – Tweet campaign have turned myself into a fan of tweeting? Erm…..let me take a moment to think about that

Tweet: I’m thinking about tweeting more to validate my self importance.

Answer: I’m not sure if I’m an actual convertee,, I like the idea of my life, after all I live it, I’m interested in what I’ve tweeted about, after all it’s my life. I like tea, goldfish, hate parking wardens, enjoy studio time and enjoy making music BUT can I express myself so freely on TWITTER – NO! I can’t rant or rage or contemplate or pontificate about important subjects matters such as SHOULD WE OR SHOULD WE NOT TWEET? Because I don’t get to finish my sentences and I’m left hanging mid word and have to become my own editor, as well as writer…

But there is an upside to tweeting – at least it allows me to get away with appalling, unforgivable grammar that is so evident in my blogs!

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